2016 "We All Need Trees" Poster & Essay Contest Winners

Hello everyone!  Scroll down to see this year's winners!

The Charleston Soil & Water Conservation District is happy to present  photos of our  "We All Need Trees"  poster and essay contest winners for this past school year.  We would like to thank all the schools who participated this past school year.  We hope to see you again in the Spring of 2017!

If you have any questions, you can contact Debbie Eckard at 843-727-4160; or email Debbie at debbie.eckard@sc.nacdnet.net.  Looking forward to having YOUR school participate in our 2016 contests!

Poster Contest Winners:

  • Kindergarten Winner - Ms. Hartnett's Class - Montesorri Community School
  • First Grade Winner - Ms. Krystie Mueller - Charleston Collegiate School
  • Second Grade Winner - Ms. Willette Ash Scott - Mary Ford Elementary School
  • Third Grade Winner - Ms. Willette Ash Scott - Mary Ford Elementary School
  • Fourth Grade Winner - Ms. Laura Graham - Mt. Pleasant Academy

Essay Contest Winners:

  • Fifth Grade Essay Winner - Carla Carroll- James B. Edwards Elementary School, Teacher        Ms. Angie Alves
  • Sixth Grade Essay Winner - Mary Hackett, C. E. Williams Middle School for Creative & Scientific Arts, Teacher Ms. Megan Herrman
  • Seventh Grade Essay Winner - Kelsea Carmichael - Charleston Charter School for Math and Science, Teacher, Ms. Patricia Joseph
  • Eighth Grade Essay Winner - Zamani Lyde, Jerry Zucker Middle School of Science, Teacher, Mr. Erik Hilden
  • Ninth Grade Essay Winner - Savannah Brown - Charleston School of the Arts, Teacher,      Mr. Kevin Short

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