Background 2018  "Watersheds-Our Water, Our Home" Contest Winners 

The Charleston Soil & Water Conservation District is happy to present  photos of our "Watersheds -Our Water, Our Home" 2018 poster and essay contest winners for thispast school year.  We would like to thank all the schools who participated!                                            See 2018 Photos below:

Poster Contest Winners:

  • 1st Grade Class - Charleston Collegiate School -Krystie Mueller, Teacher
  • 2nd Grade Class - Laura Hill Primary School- Alethea Setser, Teacher
  • 3rd Grade Class - Mt. Pleasant Academy - Laura Graham, Teacher  
  • 4th Grade Class - Mt. Pleasant Academy-Laura Graham, Teacher
Essay Contest Winners:
  • 8th Grade - Katelyn Thorn- Zucker Middle School of Science - Erik Hilden, Teacher
  • 9th Grade - Logan Baker, Gabrielle Kohler (Tie)  - Charleston School of the Arts - Kevin Short, Teacher                     

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