Conservation Easement - CATR Farms 

Charleston Area Therapeutic Riding, Inc.

Charleston Soil & Water Conservation District signed an easement agreement on the Charleston Area Therapeutic Riding, Inc. on December 2009.  The purpose of the easement is to protect and preserve the Conservation Values, To prevent any use or activity that wil significantly impair the Conservation Values, subject to the rights and privileges reserved, and To allow the continuation of historic and traditional uses and activities as well as limited new uses that would not significantly impair or degrade the Conservation values. 


The property, which was once part of the historic Brickhouse Plantation, is currently used and maintained as pasture, and open fields for therapeutic horseback riding for Charleston Area Therapeutic,Riding, IncCATR Farms is a non-profit organization with the mission to improve the lives of children and adults with disabilities.  This use is entirely compatible with the land remaining in its current state of open green space.  CATR's usage also preserves the historic purpose of the land which was agriculture and included equestrian activities.  Members of the neighborhood and surrounding community also use the 30.5 acres for trail riding.


There is a 2.5 acre pond in the center of the property that is a unique and significant habitat to local wildlife especially several species of water birds.  This pond is registered in the Department of Natural Resources "Colonial Nesting and Wading Birds Rookery."  the protection of this land through the use of Greenbelt Funds and an easement held by the Charleston Soil and Water Conservation  District prevents a signficant habitat for area water birds from being threatened, and land with historical and cultural significance to John's Island from being developed into private residences.


Mt. Zion Elementary, a Charleston County School, is approximately 1/2 mile down River Road and has a self-contained special needs class that participates in Charleston Area Therapeutic Riding Program. This protected property contributes greatly to the scenic views along River, Hamilton and Bryan's Diary Roads.  CATR Farms use of the 30.5 acres benefits citizens from every District of Charleston County.  Charleston Conservation District monitor's the property each year to insure that the conservation values are in tact. We are honored to hold this easement! 



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